Stand Alone Storage Closets

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A stand alone storage closet is designed to allow for multiple functions and purposes independent of any one specific storage use. They are actually very useful to have on hand in both the use of home storage as well as office storage. Let’s look at how a nice free standing storage closet can be used in both the home and office, starting with the latter: office storage closets.

For the office, having a nice portable stand alone closet is great. Finding convenient areas to store items for an office can be tricky. The office supply closet is great but sometimes a little too hidden or guarded for it to be accessible to everyone. However, if you do need a storage closet to be guarded, a stand alone storage closet can easily be outfitted with a lock to protect the goods and supplies inside. An office will find the best of a stand alone closet to be strategically aligned in the hallways for public access, and to be placed within an office for private access. For supplies that are transient, consider the use of a portable stand alone closet that has wheels so that the storage closet can be transported easily to any area of the business.

For the home, stand alone storage closets has even more use and versatility. Some people prefer to use them as coat closets. Others find they work the best as a guest room closet in their guest bedroom. And others still prefer to simply add them to the master bedroom and use them a second closet or just as free standing storage area. A benefit of to using it for non-clothing storage is that many storage units rest flat on the floor and require one to bend down to access the items. However, using a stand alone storage closet means you simply open the doors and your items are within arms reach. For those who deal with doing the opposite of this on a daily basis, a storage closet of equal height is a great perk.

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