Roll Top Desks

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Roll top desks feature a built-in cover that rolls down to hide the desk surface. They typically have a set of drawers, cubbies and shelves that are placed on top of the writing surface, which can be tucked away by its built-in cover. Roll-top desks were introduced in the 19th century. Back then, they were considered as the upgraded versions of classic pedestal desks.

The roll top desks became the most used furniture pieces in small and medium sized offices during the end of the 19th century as well as in the early 20th century. They have become the sign of grandeur and class due to their unique features.

A roll-top desk is often made from solid hardwood like oak, cherry, and mahogany. It features slots and compartments where documents and other office accessories can be added. Roll-top desks typically have raised side panels and solid ply backs. Additional slots or compartments can be fitted for extra storage. The built-in rolling wooden slat is designed to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt on the desk surface. Since the desk and other compartments are well-protected from dust and dirt, the time and effort for cleaning the furniture is greatly reduced. The presence of numerous cubbies, shelves and compartments offers an efficient way of organizing office items in a neat and tidy manner.

Over the years, the designs and styles of roll-top desks have significantly evolved. More functional and versatile pieces have been introduced to complement modern and contemporary office settings. However, the antique roll top desk remained a hot commodity up to date. This is because many still prefer the classic and traditional design of an antique roll top desk.

When it comes to durability and long-lasting quality, the oak roll top desk is still one of the top choices. Oak wood has long been used in manufacturing quality desks. A relatively new development on the roll top desk design is the integration of space to accommodate a computer unit. The roll top computer desk has become one of the most popular types these days. It features CPU compartments which can be either concealed or opened. Additionally, it also has extra media storage compartments where CDs, DVDs and other media can be conveniently placed.

Due to the need for computer systems, newer models of roll-top desks have adapted designs that will comfortably accommodate these efficient office items. A roll-top computer desk will not only increase the functionality of your office but will also enhance its visual appeal. There are also small roll top desk units which are excellent for those with limited office spaces.

Be sure to take into consideration the available space in your office, the items you intend to place on the desk, the features you want your desk to have, and the overall theme of the office before deciding to purchase a particular type of roll-top desk!

Oak Roll Top Desk

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