Book Binding Machines

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Are you looking for an efficient way of creating professional looking documents? Then, you have to consider investing in a reliable electric book binding machine. This efficient binding tool allows office workers to produce presentable business documents in a jiffy. They are generally designed to cater high-volume binding tasks that are often needed in most offices.

In general, binding machine is intended to preserve important business or office documents which can be used for future reference. Binding is technically a procedure wherein multiple pages of paper are bound inside a hard or soft cover to make it look more organized and presentable.

To find the perfect book binding machine, there are few things that you should bear in mind. First, determine the type of book binder that you will need. Book binder machines are sold in different varieties including the comb binding variety. Comb binding machines work by punching round holes at the left edge of the pages, and then the comb will open once the loose pages are inserted. The comb is then closed over a row of accurately spaced rings. Of all book binding methods, this is the least flexible style. The integration of a unique lock on the comb is required to prevent the papers from falling out.

The spiral book binder machine creates more durable binding style than the comb binders. These machines punch holes and bind pages with the use of a continuous spiral plastic coil. Today, PVC coils is most commonly used, which is a perfect alternative for the metal variety. PVC coils are much preferred since they are less prone to shape bending and they do not have sharp ends. This type works well with legal documents.

The thermal book binding machine is the best option if you want to give your office manuscripts an ultra-professional look. A one-piece front and back cover is often used with thermal binding. The documents’ edges are inserted into the pre-glued spine which will then be heated by the machine to melt the glue into the edges of documents.

The compact binding machine is an affordable choice, and perfect for hardcover book binding. On the other hand, the electric binding machine can punch up to 24 sheets at a time, and is capable of binding 200 sheets.

Price range for book binder machines greatly vary which can cost around $45 up to as high as $600 depending on the size, type, model, binding capacity, punching capacity and overall quality. Therefore, carefully choose the binding machine that will best address your needs!

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